Technological Transfer Groups - GTT’s

Technological Transfer Groups aims to improve the profitability of their partner companies through associative work of their groups. They systematically meet to share their productive and business experiences, under the direction and coordination of ChileOliva. Technical groups which are part of the union are:

GTO (Technical Olive Group):

Group of olive producers which meets monthly to exchange prolific experiences, analyze and project as a group the development of improvements in this field.

GTI (Industrial Technical Group):

Group of professionals which work in oil mills (an olive oil extraction factory), who meet 3 times a year to exchange beneficial experiences, analyze and plan together as a group, and develop improvements in the process of extra virgin olive oil production.

GTE (Executive Technical Group):

Group of Managers from partner companies that meets 4 times a year to share experiences from a Managerial level, about crop administration, costs and production results. They give guidelines for union’s technical activities and approve themes for project applications available to all partners.


Precision Agriculture

Chileoliva, within the framework of the development of its Technological Diffusion Program (PDT) called “Precision agriculture in the olive oil industry”, makes the following list of links of interest available:

Center for Climate Science and Resilience (CR)2

INIA Agrometeorological Network (National Institute of Agrarian Research)

CEAZA-Met Station Network (Center for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones)

Chile Agricultural Satellite Platform




Technical Projects

Chileoliva constantly works with technical projects that aim to support its partners in various areas of olive oil production, in order to shorten technological gaps, increase the competitiveness and efficiency of production processes, as well as incorporate sustainability in the national olive oil industry.

It currently has the following technical projects:

  • PDT Precision Agriculture in the olive oil industry.
    During October 2019, the fourth Technological Diffusion Program (PDT) of ChileOliva was approved by Innova-Corfo, to support and encourage technology transfer in the olive sector. This new project called “Precision agriculture in the olive oil industry” aims to increase national olive yields through the improvement of agronomic management by the incorporation of knowledge in precision agriculture. Through a series of trainings with experts in precision agriculture from the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Chile, among others, the professionals of the beneficiary companies will be able to establish differentiated areas of the field based on a spatial analysis (variation between barracks) and seasonal (variations between growing seasons), they may incorporate the use of technology that will allow them to improve agronomic management, increase production and be more efficient with the use of resources such as water.

  • Second Clean Production Agreement. A second Clean Production Agreement is being worked on for the industry supported by the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change. For more details, go to the Sustainability tab.



Chilean Olive Oil Positioning Campaign in Brazil and USA markets is a Marketing project financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through Prochile and ChileOliva’s partner companies contribution.

The project seeks to position Olive Oil in Chile as a Premium quality product in Brazil and the United States, through a zonal branding strategy, covering the entire Industry. This marketing strategy is targeted to buyers (distributors, retailers, and others stakeholders), chefs, HORECA channel, media and specialized public.

The public-private collaboration has the advantage of achieving economies of scale for Industry international diffusion and positioning, highlighing Chilean’s comparative advantages in Extra Virgin Olive Oil producing, as well as its exceptional quality characteristics.

Also at national level, a strong Social Media promotional campaign is running, aimed to educate consumers about Chilean Olive Oil’s quality, its uses in Chilean cuisine and in Chilean Industry.

Each brand logo has been locally adapted according to the target market in which the promotional campaign is running.






Export Promotion Project

A ProChile project, part of chilean’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which seeks to promote Olive Oil Exports through co-financing companies in different activities such as trade missions, participation in international competitions, promotion of Chilean Olive Oil, among others.

Trade missions are arranged group visits to a country of interest, which aim to expand the foreign markets, promoting the sales possibilities and the gathering of information by participating companies, resulting in a benefit for future exports and businesses.


Link with suppliers

Annual event organized by ChileOliva, which brings together Olive Oil producing companies and all participants related to the Industry through a supplier fair, providing an overview of the main tendencies and concerns in production and commercial management of the area. The organization of an Annual Meeting of this area is fundamental to allow public-private coordination and setting the general objectives that boost the Industry, besides being an efficient way to position the Industry to the public (Ministry of Agriculture, Corporation of Development of Production CORFO, Institute of Agricultural Development INDAP, ProChile, Office of Agricultural Studies and Policies ODEPA, Institute of Agricultural Research INIA, Foundation for Agricultural Innovation FIA, and other services).


Predictive Model

Chileoliva, during the years 2017 to 2019, together with the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences, developed the project “Olive oil yield prediction model, based on easily measured agronomic and environmental variables, which increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the industry”. This project was supported by CORFO through its Strategic Public Goods tool and the Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies (ODEPA) participated as a principal.

Thanks to the work carried out during those three years, two objectives of the project were mainly responded to:

  • Develop a predictive performance model. This work was carried out in conjunction with the team of Dr. Mauricio Galleguillos from the University of Chile.
  • Study the weighting of factors determining the accumulation of oil in the fruit, in order to improve the profitability of the industry. This work was carried out in conjunction with Dr. Nicolas Franck and Dr. Claudio Pastenes from the University of Chile.

In the following link you can download the report with the results of the project: PUBLIC GOOD RESULTS REPORT 2020



Agreement between the Producers Associations of California, Australia and Chile, which aims to establish quality standards to facilitate international trade and provide educational and informational forums to promote the development of quality Olive Oil production and use.