Chilean olive oil makes its way in international markets thanks to sustainability


June, 2020.

On June 3, the virtual signing ceremony of the Chileoliva´s Second Clean Production Agreement (APL) was held. This initiative managed by the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change (ASCC), and the Producers of Olive Oil Association, with a total of 22 companies, will begin its implementation during the second half of 2020.

The ceremony was attended by the Regional Ministerial Secretary for Energy of the Metropolitan Region, Gonzalo Méndez, representatives of public services and member companies.

The initiative seeks to improve sustainability in the processes of companies in the Olive Oil sector, with an emphasis on the implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions to climate change. With the interest of standardizing the work of the sector as a whole, the APL involves companies that adhere for the first time as those that were certified in Clean Production in 2017.

To see the results of the first APL and what is proposed for the second APL we recommend watching the following video (spanish):