New section with information on ChileOliva´s website


July, 2020.

Chileoliva provides information related to precision agriculture for olive oil producers on its website.

In the Precision Agriculture section, located in the “Projects” tab, you will find a list of links of interest, related to virtual platforms to obtain meteorological and satellite information that can be useful for decision-making in the agronomic management of olive orchards.

Also in the Predictive Model section, in the same “Projects” tab, you can find the results report of our project “Prediction model of olive oil yield, based on easily measured agronomic and environmental variables, that increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the industry ”. This project was supported by CORFO (Production Promotion Corporation) through its Strategic Public Goods tool and the Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies (ODEPA) which participated as principal.

In these reports you will be able to review all the information collected during this project. The objectives worked were:

  • Study the weighting of determining factors in the accumulation of oil in the fruit, in order to improve the profitability of the industry. This work was done in conjunction with Dr. Claudio Pastenes from the University of Chile.
  • Develop a predictive performance model. This work was carried out in conjunction with the team of Dr. Mauricio Galleguillos from the University of Chile.

We take advantage of thanking the production companies that participated in this project and invite you to review this information!