Since 2011 Chileoliva started the path towards continuous improvement in matters of sustainability through pilot initiatives for clean production and energy efficiency through an international cooperation project with the participation of the World Environment Center funded by the Department of State of the United States of America.

Then during 2013 Chileoliva extended this effort to the entire national olive oil producing sector through its first Clean Production Agreement. This Agreement has been validated by the sector, as a productive and environmental management instrument, which constitutes the body to identify the most relevant environmental aspects, prioritize management priorities, and commit the sector to specific actions and goals in order to improve the productive management in a sustainable way, contribute positively to the materialization of a sector with higher levels of competitiveness and high standards of sustainability.

The Clean Production Agreement is a work standard to which the company voluntarily adheres and must meet specific goals and actions to obtain its certificate and national recognition through the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change.

Currently there are 12 companies that are certified with the first Clean Production Agreement in the sector, which includes the management of Sustainability Indicators, efficiency in the use of energy and water, organic waste management, risk prevention and corporate social responsibility.

Since 2019, work has been done on the Second Clean Production Agreement of the Sector, which seeks to further strengthen sustainability management in companies in the Olive Oil Sector through the implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions of the climate change contributing to the national strategy for the reduction of Greenhouse Gases.


Chileoliva´s Sustainability Stamp

The Chileoliva sustainability seal is a recognition that the union makes to its associates when they are certified in the Clean Production Agreement (APL). The seal is generated to highlight how companies are working on sustainable management of their production line, framed in a certificate of national recognition such as the Clean Production Agreement.

The details of the implementation are being worked on in the professional team of Chileoliva, it will be published during the year 2020.


Certified Companies in First Clean Production Agreement

The following companies are those that maintain their certification of the first Clean Production Agreement for the Olive Oil industry.