Technological Transfer Groups - GTT’s

Technological Transfer Groups aims to improve the profitability of their partner companies through associative work of their groups. They systematically meet to share their productive and business experiences, under the direction and coordination of ChileOliva. Technical groups which are part of the union are:

GTO (Technical Olive Group):

Group of olive producers which meets monthly to exchange prolific experiences, analyze and project as a group the development of improvements in this field.

GTI (Industrial Technical Group):

Group of professionals which work in oil mills (an olive oil extraction factory), who meet 3 times a year to exchange beneficial experiences, analyze and plan together as a group, and develop improvements in the process of extra virgin olive oil production.

GTE (Executive Technical Group):

Group of Managers from partner companies that meets 4 times a year to share experiences from a Managerial level, about crop administration, costs and production results. They give guidelines for union’s technical activities and approve themes for project applications available to all partners.


Clean Production

The Clean Production Agreement is a voluntary agreement between ChileOliva and the Sustainability Agency and Climate change, which depends of the Ministry of Economy of Chile. Its main goal is to incorporate measures and technologies for clean production in environmental, sanitary, hygiene and occupational safety, energy and water efficiency, along with production development, promoting sustainability and strengthening the competencies strategy through specific goals and actions within a definite timeframe, to achieve the goals agreed upon.





PDT Program

Dissemination of Technological Sustainability in the Olive Industry Program (PDT)

This project granted through CORFO (Corporation for the Promotion of Production, part of the Ministry of Economy of Chile), aims to strengthen the development of National Olive Industry throughout sustainability. Through the dissemination and sharing of knowledge in new irrigation systems, efficient use of energy, waste management and optimum use of  machines and equipment operated in the oil making processes, all in order to increase the revenue of beneficiaries, improving margin contribution.

Research Project

Olive Oil prediction model program. Based on agronomic and environmental variables of easy measurement which increase the Industry competitiveness and efficiency.

This Project is part of a National High Impact Program arranged by Strategic Investment Fund for Healthy Foods of CORFO (Corporation for the Development of Production, Ministry of Economy). The objective of this program is to respond to growth of global and national demand of food for health and well-being, to meet specific demands of consumer groups, to help prevent health problems associated with food and to offer added value into activities linked to the food. In this way the Industry hopes to promote innovation, technological skill developments, entrepreneurship and competitiveness in production of Olive Oil in Chile.



Chilean Olive Oil Positioning Campaign in Brazil and USA markets is a Marketing project financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through Prochile and ChileOliva’s partner companies contribution.


The project seeks to position Olive Oil in Chile as a Premium quality product in Brazil and the United States, through a zonal branding strategy, covering the entire Industry. This marketing strategy is targeted to buyers (distributors, retailers, and others stakeholders), chefs, HORECA channel, media and specialized public.

The public-private collaboration has the advantage of achieving economies of scale for Industry international diffusion and positioning, highlighing Chilean’s comparative advantages in Extra Virgin Olive Oil producing, as well as its exceptional quality characteristics.

Also at national level, a strong Social Media promotional campaign is running, aimed to educate consumers about Chilean Olive Oil’s quality, its uses in Chilean cuisine and in Chilean Industry.

Each brand logo has been locally adapted according to the target market in which the promotional campaign is running.






Export Promotion Project

A ProChile project, part of chilean’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which seeks to promote Olive Oil Exports through co-financing companies in different activities such as trade missions, participation in international competitions, promotion of Chilean Olive Oil, among others.

Trade missions are arranged group visits to a country of interest, which aim to expand the foreign markets, promoting the sales possibilities and the gathering of information by participating companies, resulting in a benefit for future exports and businesses.


National Meeting

Annual event organized by ChileOliva, which brings together Olive Oil producing companies and all participants related to the Industry through a supplier fair, providing an overview of the main tendencies and concerns in production and commercial management of the area. The organization of an Annual Meeting of this area is fundamental to allow public-private coordination and setting the general objectives that boost the Industry, besides being an efficient way to position the Industry to the public (Ministry of Agriculture, Corporation of Development of Production CORFO, Institute of Agricultural Development INDAP, ProChile, Office of Agricultural Studies and Policies ODEPA, Institute of Agricultural Research INIA, Foundation for Agricultural Innovation FIA, and other services).



ChileOliva mantains agreements with different entities, including University of Talca with Colchagua Campus, which, through various technical activities, seeks to provide expertise to Industry professionals and University students. In Gastronomic area, it had developed activities with French Culinary School “Ecole”, which seeks to educate on Olive Oil, regarding its different qualities, production processes and its uses in gastronomy to future chefs of the country.
In addition, ChileOliva has an arrangement with the Center for Molecular Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of the Pontifical Catholic University (CNMEC-UC), where there is a Olive Oil Tasting Panel currently recognized by the International Olive Oil Council (IOC). The panel is formed by experts trained to establish categories of olive oils as well as define the characteristics of flavors and aromas of virgin olive oils that are advertised in different markets of the world.



Agreement between the Producers Associations of California, Australia and Chile, which aims to establish quality standards to facilitate international trade and provide educational and informational forums to promote the development of quality Olive Oil production and use.