Soho Comercial Company signs agreement with Sovena


July, 2020.

Recently, Soho Comercial, company member of Chileoliva and one of the main olive oil manufacturers in Chile, which markets brands such as Olave, Huasco, Sol de Aculeo, Montecristo and Grecco — signed an agreement with the company Sovena. Juan Carlos Fabres, president of Soho Comercial, commented through an interview with El Mercurio that Sovena, the world’s largest manufacturer of olive oil, entered the ownership of the national firm, with 24.61% of the shareholding.

The relevance and scope of Sovena is not less, since it operates in markets such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil and the United States, and exports to more than 70 countries around the world, managing recognized own brands, such as Olivari, Andorinha, Oliveira da Serra, Ful, among others, in addition to developing third-party corporate brands. The firm has annual sales of more than 1,200 million euros.

In the interview, Juan Carlos Fabres also mentions that “with Sovena we have many things in common, from values ​​and style, ownership structures, to commercial and brand strategies. It seemed important to us to be able to join an operator of this caliber and knowledge, to promote our operation on another qualitative and business scale. And so, together, to turn Chile into a new export pole of world-class olive oils. ”

To see the full new you can access the El Mercurio page.